Posted: March 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Love the Soul
Love the Mind
Love the Heart

I’m able, yes

Temporary refuge of coziness
A coward disguised as Euphoria
Relying on nights of I Thank yous

To cope
With a

Lost Soul
Disturbed Mind
Broken Heart

My intentions are good

I’m not

I’m rotting and those I hold dear
Are starting to smell the decay
I wonder what I’m capable of

My Soul is found
My Mind is calm
My Heart is whole

Please universe give me strength
During my journey of solitude
Grant me the courage to heal
Let my self discovery
Become my euphoric thank you
Reward me with the understanding of
Simple to love me

I can spring from a star and Connect to a Soul
Link to a source and appreciate a Mind
Mimic the beat of the moon and Trust a Heart

Reward me with the treasures of
How simple it is to love

–Emmanuel Constant

Inspired by “Simple to love you” by Phil Cortese


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