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Hip Hop

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Hip hop

My version of DJ Khaled, Hip Hop Feat.Nas, Scarface  DJ Premier
DJ Khaled – Hip Hop Feat.Nas, Scarface  DJ Premier

Trying to be the king of hip hop
Some struggle ,some sell their soul, journey is non stop
Just for fortune, the fame and gain props
Till the destination becomes more money more problems
Thinking riches can solve them
And realize past efforts was nothing more than a fling
I would only claim King
Just to disregard the throne as I bless the microphone
I rather keep my movement Martin Luther
My focus is on showing the youth a brighter future
Even if it seems
that it’s only a pipe dream
I plan to plant the seed
So that the motivated and the intellectually stimulated
Can guarantee that the vision succeeds
And globally proceed
Curing all wrongs and giving to those in need
Fuck platinum plaques if I my influence attracts
just a few to deliver good deeds
That’s why I can’t Fuck hip hop
Creativity she was always there
It’s only right that I care
She showed me how to express how I feel
By providing a Miseducation so I can climb steep hills
She gave me power during my Final Hour
Fixing the broken pieces
By blessing me with her thesis
Since a young lad
She gave me That Thing , When It Hurts So Bad
So I can stand tall as an X-Factor
Caressed me when I was sad
Provided motivation, strength and laughter
A shoulder
To realize mistakes and reflect
A true Queen, that demands respect
Cuz she’s known to Set It Off if u don’t come correct
A Ruff Neck that’s far from Lyte
Yet blessed with intelligence
To request All Glockz Down so we can unite
A Pit Bull In A Skirt when she flirts
Ill Na Na licking as I’m vibing
to her rhythm like I’m spitting to a song feeling her beat as she rides me
We Get Our Freak On
She nourishes me with her flows
And reminds me Love Is Blind even when I Ain’t Got No Dough
I wouldn’t just beat, I would take my time
Soft strokes and delicate touches
With every metaphoric line
As I climb her Velvet Rope
To celebrate her relevance
Appreciate her Twisted Elegance
Appreciate that she put me on
Rather than Got It Till It’s Gone