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Posted: February 10, 2012 in Lustful Intentions
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Give me a chance to touch you feel you
The honor to praise your lips and stare at your face
Talk to your skin with my fingertips and silences your aches
Grant me consumption of your scent as we embrace
I often ponder on your taste
How you enjoy the movement of my face below your waist
Thick lips that foam for me, makes my mouth water
When my tongue dances for you
You squirm for me; the blood rush makes my manhood stronger
Released moans intensifies as I insert fingers
Grabbing and massaging my bald head to go deeper
I’m a machine with my mouth, I’m a clit seeker
Through toyin’ with your lips
Aggressively grab onto your hips
Attack the pearl and slurp up every drip
The vibration of your thighs
Indicates that pleasant thunder will soon arrive
Your body feels electric, my reward is orgasmic
Staring at such a pretty picture
As I’m swallowing your elixir
Spread for me wide so I can puncture
Make you shiver when I enter
Knees buckle with every inch I deliver