Why I Write

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Motivation
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Some say it’s because I’m weak or I wish to lay in plight
Really its therapy, I seek to reestablish my might
Improve my craft hopefully one day I can recite
So I can find comfort in others, eliminate social fright
Definitely ignite
A fire under me
To accomplish goals and objectives
Promote self discovery
Conquer lingering electives
I write to keep my shit in perspective
To become critical and perceptive
My pen confirms my votive
Prevents it from becoming fictive
So I can silence the whispers falsifying my motive
Thinking I’m defeated, depleted, destined for doom
I’m a giant sleeping, analyzing, as I’m licking my wounds
Always was one to march to the beat of a different tune
Need to regain my stride, meet happiness when it looms
Gain courage not to let negativity consume
Mental cleansing, using my pen as a broom

  1. ms. me says:

    Amazingly descriptive

  2. Patricia B. Writer says:

    I love this!

  3. i love the rhymes and over all lovely piece! thank you for following!

  4. Shannerri De Chalus says:

    Applaud you… Bravo. Very Good

  5. QRS says:

    You write to remember.
    You read to forget.

  6. Wow! Excellent poem! It flows, it stays in line, the beginning, middle, and the end.
    I cannot pick out my favorite line. This is awesome! You should join some of the contests I mentioned in my Genuine Blogger article. You are really good. I bet you are a quick rapper.That’s the impression I got as I read it, since it flowed so well. 🙂 My daughter can do it, I can’t.

    Thank you for your visit. I am excited to start reading your posts. Have a great week.

  7. teryma says:

    You have a amazing talent. It is not just words or rhymes, your words has impact and is intelectual, not just functional.

    I am not much of a fan of hip-hop but as pure poetry, it’s golden!

    Keep it up 😉

  8. aqualynn says:

    Told you that you have an awesome way with words!!! Done give up on your talent!!!

  9. konica says:

    my dear you have special gift so dont just waste it by giving up… refine it everyday! your rhymes are too touchy… i mean everytime i read one it makes me feel so touched deep inside! please keep writin coz i love your work a hell lot!!

  10. Maritza says:

    I like your style. Very nice !

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