I believe I’ve come a long way since November 2014.   Learning how to cook has been a wonderful journey.   



By Dead Prez: http://youtu.be/aB24pH2Sw5Q

Lyrics: http://genius.com/Dead-prez-intelligence-is-sexy-lyrics

Music Worth Listening To: Get Free

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By The Vines: http://youtu.be/asOvnGHwtDU

Lyrics: http://genius.com/The-vines-get-free-lyrics

By Fiona Apple: http://youtu.be/7TPMoNwclWs

Lyrics: http://genius.com/Fiona-apple-the-child-is-gone-lyrics

Life is unfair, but I’ll manage on hope…
If she truly is part of me, she will return


By Nina Simone: http://youtu.be/Zwk7DWq_E3s

Lyrics: http://genius.com/Nina-simone-funkier-than-a-mosquitos-tweeter-lyrics

I listen to this when my late grandmother’s sarcasm is missed, and I need a good scolding.

 By Tame Impala: http://youtu.be/G-Jr3Czk6rY



By The Roots feat Masters of Folk: http://youtu.be/32Qr5oKKP-M
Lyrics:  http://genius.com/The-roots-dear-god-20-lyrics